New challenges to the climate movement

by Anselm Kiefer.

Climate denial is losing ground, but the forces that produced it persist. While tools for evaluating quantitative aspects of climate action are maturing, tools for qualitative evaluation remain underdeveloped and require investment, deep thinking, and political analysis.

Denial and Other Devils

What stops climate action? During the first decade and a half of the…

How are Washingtonians adjusting to life in a new phase of the pandemic?

A party at the Smithsonian in 2017. Photo by author.

This post covers the more direct questions about how Washingtonians are handling reopening. A reflects on questions about the social, psychological, economic and political experience of the pandemic.

Even before the pandemic, our personal and social lives increasingly took place online. This was arguably the defining characteristic of…

How are area artists able to share their art while they can’t share space with clients?

Painting by Christine Ruksenas-Burton. Photo by Chris Mills & Jason Hamacher

Artists are supposed to be part of Richard Florida’s so-called “creative class,” a glamorous turn of phrase that perhaps masks just how onerous it is to create art in the neoliberal city. …

There’s a line I’ve used in parties and interviews to express why we do 730DC: “I’m convinced that if even one person who reads our newsletter decides to turn off Netflix, get up off their couch, go outside and out onto the street — to play pickup basketball, meet a…

An interview with Dr. Katie Wells, the Georgetown researcher following Uber drivers and lobbyists in DC


When I moved to DC in 2013, the sharing economy was already a thing. The year I graduated from college (2011–2012) our campus obtained a few Zipcars; in the postgraduate year I spent living at home in the suburbs and working in San Francisco (2012–2013) I fist-pounded a few Lyft…

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